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Gutters, Siding, Soffits, Fascia?
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Water damage to your foundation, the problem might just be above you. Most homeowners go through costly and stressfull renovations unnessarily. Proper water flow and drainage is the key to a dry foundation. We install only 100 percent seamless eavestrough measured and rolled out on location to custom­fit your home and then apply the highest quality sealant. We have access to hundreds of colours through all manufactures and can even give you a custom look with copper and galvanized steel applications. Better yet it will cost you less money than those other guys, and it can be done before your home from work.


Soffits are the underside of your roofing system. Most homes roofs are build out about 1 ft away from the structure itself and the soffits are then installed. More and more homeowners are adding lighting systms to soffits, some go as far as to add sound systems as well. No matter what you choose to add or not add be aware that some soffits require vented materials and some do not. Our installers will make sure to inspect for signs of moisture to your framework to determine if vented soffits are needed. Its just how the job is supposed to be done, its that simple. Again we can colour match your existing scheme or you can go for a whole new look the choice is yours.


Fascia is the layer of alumimum covering the wood that lies under your eavestrough or all other wood on your roof line. It is essential because it provides a water tight seal for your homes roofing system. Failing to maintain the fascia can mean rotting wood, and water damage. Match your fascia to your eavestrough and soffitts for a mono­cramatic look or make it pop but choosing a different colour altogether and add some roof appeal to your home. Ask our techs for ideas, their trained for that.


Some people hate siding, some love it. To those of you that hate it we suggest you take a second look at the products available today. You can find siding in any colour, diferent textures, diferent shapes and sizes and on top of all that they add an extra layer of insolation to your home. Steel, Fibre Cement, Aluminum, Vinyl Siding all available to give your home and upgraded look that is easily maintained. It adds demention to additions and garages and can be applied

Leaf Guards

Large trees provide shade and privacy, but they also mean raking and sometimes clogged and leaking eavestroughs. Install the highest quality guards on your eavestroughs and you never have to worry about that again. Avoid the dangers of cleaning them yourselves and the cost of yearly cleanings, and dont be fooled by companies offering cleanings, once your downspouts are clogged the only way to clear them is to remove them. Thats a fact. Have our technicians install them together with our seamless eavestrough and save time and money.

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