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Cleaning Services



Water Damage Restoration

Whether from internal conditions( leaking or burst pipes) or external conditions (overflowed storm drains, excess rain ), water can cause extreme and dangerous damage to your home. It breaches walls and floors and can spread and transform into mold causing allergens and sometimes poisons. The key to avoiding these situations is our 24hr emergency water removal services. Using our state of the art thermal imaging cameras we can identify problems like water intrusion and poor ventilation as well as cracks in your homes foundation all without doing any physical damage to your home. We work with you and your insurance company to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can cause incredible emotional and financial loss. Pictures, letters, documents all gone either by the flame itself or by the resulting smoke and/or water used to put it out. Our goal is to salvage as much of your memories and documents as possible. Our employees are trained and certified with the most up-to-date technology to provide you with a safe and seamless experience. Certified in smoke and odor removal, remediation and restoration of property, Let The Restorators be responsible of returning your house back to pre loss condition

Mold Remediation

Prevention of mold causing conditions are key to avoiding an outbreak in your home. Mold spreads on walls, under carpets, on furniture and the spores can float, linger and grow. Spores in through your air ducts into every room in your home. Having our certified technician do a thermal scan of your home, identify and water and moister lingering allows us to treat the outbreak quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing not just removal but the health and safety of your family.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We are a professional carpet cleaning company with certified carpet cleaning technicians, call us today for a free quote, we can handle any size of carpet cleaning large or small our staff is convenient and on-time appointments, we also remove all stains in carpet, disinfect & deodorize, every time you clean your carpets with us it will feel rejuvenating we will remove deep down dirt and accumulated dust throughout the years, extracting all the excess water for faster drying. Aside from the appeal there are a lot of health benefits when you clean your carpets. Did you know that each time you walk over your dirty carpets you lift small clouds of invisible dust, these particles pollute your air quality and may be difficult to breathe at times, also allowing allergens to travel throughout your home. The process of carpet cleaning is important to do every 8 to 12 months

Duct Cleaning Services

Our air duct cleaning service is like no other. The rotating brush with vacuum rotate through your duct system, cleaning all the debris and access debris on the inner layer of your ducks sometimes, the duct system has to be cleaned in this intrusive method because lingering dust from heat may have caused to cling on your inner layer of your ducks and may need intrusive methods to be removed and cleaned. Rotobrush system guarantees that. We are professional and trained in using the rotobrush system with cameras attached we will show you the dust and dirt before and how clean it is after we finish. Call us today for a free estimate we highly recommend doing this treatment every year


I found them locally and called for a estimate, my eavestrough had water pouring out from a couple of areas, John came by the next day, he pointed out the sloping issues and i also had blocked pipes! The price was fair and he was very kind, his guys were on time and did a superb job, couldn't be happier!

Sandra Kromstein

I needed my carpets cleaned and couches. I called the restorators to schedule an appointment. I'm happy to say they arrived on time, they cleaned my carpet and I'm happy with the results. They also included deodorizer and stain guard, overall I'm very pleased and will be using them again

Thomas Klimt

I called for water damage at my home in Toronto. They arrived within the hour and were able to locate the problem with a thermal camera. They were able fix it they then quickly removed all the water. They worked with my insurance company and restored my home. I'm so happy that I made the call! They also included painting in other areas which was not in the scope.

Moyra Freeman



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Founded in 1993, The Restorators Inc is a unique business that offers a variety of services with one of the GTA 's most experienced teams. Whether you require 24 hour emergency services or are looking for a serious overhaul to your home, The Restorators Inc has you covered.